Nome Completo / Full Name
Sandra Maria Fernandes Carvalho

Gabinete / Office
EC 0.20, Departamento de Física, Campus de Gualtar

Telefone / Phone
253 510 470 / 604 060


Categoria / Category
Professora Auxiliar / Assistant Professor

Indicador / Researcher indicator
Orcid: 0000-0002-3643-4973

Página pessoal / personal page

Palavras chave / Keywords
Thin Films and coatings
Surface engineering
Materials Science

Currículo Resumido / Short resume

- Head of the Laboratory of Corrosion and Electrochemical studies from July 2011.

- Head of Research Team dedicated to Surface Modification and Functionalization  - (

- Member of European Joint Committee on Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering

- Member of Executive Committee of Materials Portuguese Society

Main research areas:

Prof. Sandra Carvalho develops her research activity on the Centre of Physics from Universities of Minho and Porto and also collaborates with the SEG-CEMMPRE, Mechanical Engineering Department from University of Coimbra. Her research activity is focused on the development of new decorative, protective and functional coatings for many different parts and components made of metals, plastics, glass, textile, leather and other materials. Her main challenge is associating basic and applied research to gain fundamental knowledge for the synthesis of thin coatings from the vapor phase which can enable the development of new material concepts, design of multilayers at the nanosize level, and deposition processes. Emphasis is placed on those aspects of Materials Science that are concerned with the relationships between synthesis, structure/composition and properties of functional nanostructured surfaces.

Other research areas:

She is deeply involved in innovative nanoscale coating architectures for functional and smart surfaces such as flexible devices and bio-sensors, low friction and wear nanostructured coatings, nanostructured materials with osseointegration and antimicrobial properties, nanoparticles and 3D nanostructures. She is deeply working on electrochemical process, nanmely anodization in order to control the wettability, osseointegration, etc.

She is working also on electrospinning (Al2O3, TiO2 and PLGA+HAp nanofibers) as well as on sol-gel technique (for NP's systhesis).

Experimental characterization of the microstructure and physical properties of the developed functional coatings by XRD, SEM, AFM, TEM (HR-TEM), RBS, Raman, XPS, FTIR

Publications:  More than 80 papers published in international journals of SCI. More than 1000 citations and H index: 21.

Participation in more than 100 national and international events, such as conferences, congresses, workshops and fairs. In more than 19 she presented invited lectures.

Participation/Coordination in R&D projects: More than 4M€