The Department of Physics was established in 1975. The department facilities are located at the buildings of the School of Sciences of the poles of the University of Minho, in Gualtar ( Braga ) and Azurém ( Guimarães ).



University of Minho (Gualtar Braga and Azurém, Guimarães)


In addition to the various laboratories where we develop laboratory teaching and research activities , there is a space in Gualtar campus , where operates the Optometry Clinic , which aims to give students of optometry and teachers the possibility of clinical practice in real conditions.

The research covers several areas of knowledge from Applied Science, in collaboration with various industries/national and international companies, to studies on the fundamental laws of physics and is coordinated by the Centre of Physics, University of Minho and University of Porto.




Apart from teaching and all research activities, the department has a tradition of maintaining frequent contacts with schools, primary and secondary schools within the activities of dissemination and promotion of the teaching of physics.